Keyboard Navigation for Testing

All tests can be navigated by using a computer keyboard.

Note: Make sure your device settings have accessibility options enabled. For example, in the settings for a Mac, you need to enable options that allow the Tab key to advance focus on websites.

For most questions:

  1. Use the Tab key to navigate between areas.
  2. Use Shift + Tab to navigate backwards.
  3. Use the space bar to select an answer.
    1. You can also use the A/B/C/D/E keys to select an answer choice from a question with five or fewer choices.
  4. Use Enter (Return on a Mac) to complete the answer. Press once to select the arrow button, and then press again to submit the answer.

For drag-and-drop questions:

  1. Use the Tab key to navigate to your selection.
  2. Pick up your selection with the space bar.
  3. Tab to navigate to the correct position.
  4. Use the space bar to release the item.

For the Calculator tool:

See the Desmos® website:

For the Ruler and Protractor tools:

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use L (left) and R (right) to rotate.


Shortcut Keys for Test Tools



Alt or Option Plus...



Brings keyboard focus to the Toolbar area.
Close tools X Closes all tools that are open
General Tools:

+ or

Magnifies or minimizes display
Highlighter H Toggles the Highlighter on or off
Eraser E Toggles the Eraser on or off
Line Reader


Toggles the Line Reader on or off


Toggles the Notepad on. Turns the Notepad off when working outside the Notepad.
Answer Eliminator


Toggles the Answer Eliminator on or off
Mathematics Tools:

+ C

Opens/closes the Calculator (if available for that question; closes only if focus is not in the text-input area) or navigates back to the Calculator if it is already open


Toggles the Ruler on or off

To move, use arrow keys; to rotate, use L (left) and R (right)



Toggles the Protractor on or off

To move, use arrow keys; to rotate, use L (left) and R (right)

Mathematics Reference Sheet Tool (if applicable) + F Opens and closes the Mathematics Reference Sheet. Appears for mathematics assessments for each relevant grade and provides students with useful formulas and mathematical definitions.
Text-to-Speech No shortcut; use + T to focus the Toolbar, and then use Arrow keys and Spacebar
Reset Z Selects the Reset button for the question


Keystroke Summary


Key In a Question  In a Toolbar In the Calculator
Navigates to all parts of screen (everything that is in the Tab order); Shift + Tab moves in reverse order   Moves out of the Calculator—use the arrow keys or number keys to actually enter items
  Use the arrows to navigate between tools Arrows move to all Calculator buttons and within number display
Selects currently focused answer option for drag-and-drop question, picks up and drops the answer Selects tool in focus Presses the button in focus—the orange outline indicates focus


Selects the arrow button (first press), and then submits the answer (second press)   Can be used in place of the “=” sign in the calculator. However, using Enter/Return may cause you to accidentally submit an answer.
    Clears the display