Norms and Standards

Consult the following documents to give you insight into your MAP Growth test results.

CAUTION: You may notice discrepancies between your MAP reports and the figures published in these norms resources, depending on your Weeks of Instruction between testing. Your Weeks of Instruction (a setting in your MAP preferences) may differ from the default. As a result, percentile rankings and growth projections will adjust on your MAP reports to more precisely reflect your students' amount of instruction. In contrast, these norms resources assume the default weeks of instruction (Fall = 4 weeks, Winter = 20 weeks, Spring = 32 weeks).



2015 MAP Normative Data

(Overview with status and growth charts)


Comparative Data to Inform Instruction

(RIT comparison charts across grades)


Research Studies

2015 Norms Study

(Detailed research study)


MAP College Readiness Benchmarks

(Research brief, including ACT® readiness)


Achievement/Growth Calculator

(To try hypothetical growth scenarios)


School Norms Calculator

(To try school-level hypothetical scenarios)


Standards Alignment

(Studies linking your state's test with MAP)



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