The Class Breakdown by Projected Proficiency report will be retired in the summer of 2024. Please start using the Class Profile Report. Read more about Legacy Report Retirement.

Class Breakdown by Projected Proficiency Report


Shows students' projected performance on state and college readiness assessments so you can adjust instruction for better student proficiency.

Results are limited to 250 students per class.

Applicable Tests MAP Growth and MAP Growth K–2.

Instructional coach, teacher, counselor, principal

Required Roles

Instructor, Administrator, or Assessment Coordinator (School or District)

Date Limits

1 year prior, for tests completed within your test window range (set under Manage Terms)

About Proficiency Projections

  • There are no projections available from summer test results.
  • Which state and college projections appear depends on the state alignment that your district selected during MAP implementation.
  • If your state does not have a specific NWEA linking study, default projections developed by NWEA appear on the report.
  • Depending on the state, projections may be limited to certain subjects (typically reading and math) and certain grades (typically 2 through 8).
    • College readiness projections are limited to grades 5 through 9.
  • ACT College Readiness—The "On Track 24" projection is the highest benchmark. It is based on a more stringent ACT cut score of 24, instead of 22. For details, open the linking study.
Note: The Class Breakdown report includes a link to the Learning Continuum, which you can use to explore content on MAP Growth assessments.

Options for Generating a Class Report

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Term Tested: Term with the test events you want to see. For example, in the fall you might want to see results from the previous spring. Choices are limited to terms that are concurrent with or that precede the Term Rostered.

School, Instructor, Class, and Subject: The choices you have depend on your MAP role. The Assessment Coordinator can choose from across the district-wide. Other roles are limited to assigned schools and classes.