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Choose MAP Roles

Every person who uses the MAP Suite must have one or more roles assigned to control what that person can do and see. You can fill the roles with any combination of people you need. One person can hold multiple roles, and multiple people can hold the same role to serve as backups.

Quick tip: Use the examples below the following diagrams. Also, avoid assigning both school‑level and district‑level roles to an individual. For example, your School Proctors should not have the District Proctor role. Similarly, avoid assigning all roles to individuals.

Printed copy: Roles and Responsibilities (3 pages)

See also the detailed spreadsheet: Role Permissions

Roles for Using Data

Examples for Using Data:

  • Teachers typically use the Instructor role.
  • Principals and school leaders typically use the Administrator role to see results from all students. Or, if they also coordinate test administration, they could use the School Assessment Coordinator role.
  • Interventionists and specialists could also use the Administrator role; but for greater security, they could have the Instructor role and a special “class” of students assigned to them during the roster enrollment.

Roles for Testing

Examples for Testing:

  • For teachers and staff who only need to administer testing, use the School Proctor role.

    *Note: School Proctors can only access testing sessions that they or the District Proctor creates.

  • The District Proctor role is for anyone who helps to lead other Proctors. It enables creation of testing sessions that other Proctors can use, as well as creation of student profiles.
  • School leaders who need to monitor testing status typically use the School Assessment Coordinator role. This role is restricted, however, from adding student or user profiles.

Roles for MAP Setup and Maintenance

Examples for Setup and Maintenance:

  • Only a few leaders should have the System Administrator role, because it enables you to grant access to any part of the platform.
  • Leaders in charge of the assessment typically use the District Assessment Coordinator role.
  • The person who import your enrollment roster each term needs the Data Administrator role.

Roles for MAP Skills

If your school uses MAP Skills™, there is an additional role (SN Administrator), along with added capabilities to standard roles:

  • SN Administrator

    Gives you summary data (On-Track report), as well as individual student data in assigned schools. You can also use the same features as teachers. For example, you can act on behalf of any teacher to view skill status, assign missions, manage student passwords, and more.

  • Administrator

    Gives access to the On‑Track summary report only.

  • Instructor

    Gives access to MAP Skills for assigned students and class.

  • Interventionist

    Meant for coaches and other educators who help students throughout a school or district.

    • For MAP Growth: The role goes into effect with future software releases.
    • For MAP Skills: The role provides the same access as the Instructor role, but it applies to any student within any school assigned to the Interventionist. Also supports the use of custom groupings.

Roles for MAP Reading Fluency

If your school uses MAP Reading Fluency™, see Accessing MAP Reading Fluency.

For interventionists and reading coaches: A person with the Instructor role does not have to be a classroom teacher. For example, you can assign the Instructor role to an interventionist, along with a virtual “class” of students, and then that person can view test results for those assigned students.

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