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A: Form Your MAP Team

Determine the team size 

The number of people you need depends on your district size, but you need enough people to fill the MAP system roles. Roles are assigned to each person as part of the user account, so you can fill the roles with any combination of people you need at both the district and school level. One person can hold multiple roles, and multiple people can hold the same role to serve as a back-up.

Connect people with system roles

To manage the system:

  • System Administrator — Trusted to create and manage top-ranking roles (Assessment Coordinator and Data Administrator)
  • Assessment Coordinator — Manage all aspects of testing, including what to test, when to test, and usage of test results
  • Data Administrator — Directly manage student records, including most data repairs
  • Technical Coordinator — Fulfill system requirements—see A: Review System Requirements .

    Note: Unlike the other roles, Technical Coordinator is a suggested job function and not part of a user's account in the MAP software.

To use the system:

  • Proctor — Manage testing using tools on a proctor computer
  • Instructor (teacher) — Access class-level reports
  • Administrator — Access school-level reports

The roles control which MAP features appear when the person logs in. The following figure shows all of the possible features, with applicable roles for each.

Next Steps... 

User Roles and Permissions

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