Setting up Headsets with Microphones

Prior to testing, you’ll want to connect the headphones to each computer you plan to use for testing and make sure that your headphones are set as the default device for both audio output and recording. You’ll also want to perform a hardware check within MAP Reading Fluency.

Set-up Overview:

Default Device:

On both Mac and Windows computers, you will find your default devices on the Sound control panel.

  • Windows—Check the playback and recording tabs.
  • Mac—Check the Output and Input tabs. Make sure the “mute” check box is not selected.

Hardware Check:

Before you invite students to begin testing, log in to the MAP Reading Fluency dashboard and perform a hardware check by clicking Check Equipment. This set-up should be confirmed on each machine used to test students. It is not necessary to repeat the check before each test.

Allow the Chrome browser to use the microphone if you are asked.

From the Check Equipment area, you can check the headphone speakers, record test audio, and play the recorded audio back. Use a normal speaking voice. If the volume is too low or too high, you will see a message indicating the problem. Adjust your volume through your system settings.

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