Setting up for Testing

Setting up Devices

MAP Reading Fluency is currently supported on Windows®, Mac®, and Chromebook™ devices. While iPad® devices are not currently supported, NWEA expects to release an iPad app in the 2018—2019 school year.

MAP Reading Fluency on Windows computers, Macs and Chromebooks requires the Chrome browser. Make sure that the most recent version is installed on all devices used for testing. Once Chrome is installed, be sure to perform a hardware check before testing. See Performing a Hardware Check.

Setting up Headsets

MAP Reading Fluency requires each student to use a headset with a microphone. Headsets with boom-style microphones are required. Built-in computer microphones and microphones in-line on a headset cord are not supported.

While NWEA does not recommend specific headset brands, we have the following recommendations for choosing headsets:

  • Over the ear, rather than earbuds
  • Passive noise-canceling
  • USB (preferred); 3.5 mm jacks can be used for Chromebooks
  • Boom microphone (on the end of a stiff arm that extends in front of the mouth) rather than a mic attached to the headphone cord

Before testing, connect the headphones to each device that you plan to use for testing and make sure that your headphones are set as the default device for both audio output and recording. You’ll also want to perform a hardware check within MAP Reading Fluency. See below and watch the video for instructions. You should also review the system requirements to ensure that your devices meet the minimum standards.

Set-up Overview:

Setting Headsets as Default Device

Make sure that the headset is the default device for both recording and playback.

Performing a Hardware Check

Note: MAP Reading Fluency requires the Chrome™ browser for both student testing and reports.

On each machine used for testing, you should check the equipment before the first time you test. It is not necessary to repeat the check for subsequent tests. Log in to either the student site or teacher site and click Check Equipment:

From student site


From teacher site


– or –

Allow the Chrome browser to use the microphone if you are asked.

From the Check Equipment area, you can check the headphone speakers, record test audio, and play the recorded audio back. Use a normal speaking voice. If the volume is too low or too high, you will see a message indicating the problem. Adjust your volume through your system settings.

See also: Resolving Headset Issues

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