Assigning Passwords, Readiness Checks, and Tests

Before students can test, you will need to assign them passwords and review assessment assignments. Begin by logging into MAP Reading Fluency at the same website you use for all MAP products ( Once you have logged in, click MAP Reading Fluency from the left menu. If you do not see this link, your school has not enrolled in MAP Reading Fluency. Contact your NWEA Account Manager for information on how to sign up for MAP Reading Fluency.

Note: MAP Reading Fluency requires the Chrome™ browser for viewing reports, and either the Chrome browser or iPad® application for student testing.

Student Usernames and Passwords

Students will need their usernames and passwords to log in to MAP Reading Fluency. Student usernames are assigned when your school or district uploads your student roster into the MAP system. You cannot add or edit these usernames in MAP Reading Fluency. Click Proctor Dashboard and then Student Passwords to retrieve the usernames and to assign passwords. If you do not see your students, contact your district Data Administrator.

Passwords will not appear until they have been assigned. You can choose to set student passwords to be individual passwords, the same password, or a random short password. Any combination of letters and numbers from 4-16 characters is allowed.

To set passwords for multiple students:

  1. Select the students whose passwords you wish to assign or change. You can select all students by clicking the check box next to the Student Name search box.
  2. Once you have selected the students, click Change Multiple Passwords.
  3. Choose whether to generate random passwords or to assign the same password for all chosen students. If you choose to assign the password, type it in.
  4. Click OK, Change Passwords
  5. The new passwords will show in the Passwords column.

To set a password for an individual student:

  1. Click on the asterisks for the current encrypted password, then type in a new one.
  2. Once you type the new password, click the check to save it or the red X to discard it.
  3. The new password will show in the Passwords column.

MAP® Skills™ Overlap—If your students also use MAP Skills, they use the same usernames and passwords when logging into MAP Reading Fluency. If passwords have been assigned for MAP Skills, you do not have to assign them again for Reading Fluency. If the password is changed, it is changed for both products. Students cannot have separate passwords for each product.

Printing Passwords

A Print option is available if you change password(s). Once you navigate away from the password module, this print option is disabled, unless new changes are made.

Note: Once you navigate away from the Student Passwords page, the passwords will be encrypted and you will not be able to retrieve them. Print them or copy them to a text file before you close the page!

Assigning Tests

To begin assigning tests to students, click on the Assignments tab. Your students are listed here with their test statuses and current assignments. Note that only students in grades K-3 will be listed, as MAP Reading Fluency is intended to be used with only these grades.

Choosing a Readiness Check

Because younger students often need practice with a mouse, MAP Reading Fluency offers a mouse readiness check before testing. You can specify if this readiness check is given to each student.

Mouse Readiness Check: Checks mouse manipulation skills.

Useful for: Young children who need practice using a mouse before they are ready for an online assessment.


Microphone Readiness Check: If the student is assigned an Adaptive Oral Reading test, there will be a simple volume check, bypassing the mouse and microphone check. If the student is assigned a Foundational Skills test, it will begin immediately, as the Foundational Skills test does not have oral reading and thus does not use the microphone.

Useful for: The microphone check is sufficient for most students. It is recommended for all older students (grades two and three) and for younger students struggling with the mouse check, especially if taking Foundational Skills.

To set the readiness check for all students at once, click Edit All and then click the icon for the check you wish to assign. Be sure to save your changes before navigating away from the page.

Students who do not pass the readiness check will not continue on to the test. If your student struggles, you can switch the chosen readiness check to the Volume check (microphone icon.) See: If students become locked out:.

Assigning Tests to Students

Assign tests under the Assignments tab. You have two choices:

Foundational Skills


Adaptive Oral Reading

By default, all students are assigned to the Adaptive Oral Reading form. You may assign tests individually, or assign them to the whole class by clicking Edit All, then clicking the icon for the test that you wish to assign. The assigned test for each student will appear in the Test Form Assignment column. Be sure to save your changes before navigating away from the page.

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