Preparing Test Settings

Before students can test, you should review the software settings.

Student Usernames and Passwords

Student usernames are assigned when your school or district uploads your student roster into MAP. Click Student Passwords to retrieve the usernames and to assign passwords.

Passwords can be changed by clicking on the current encrypted password and typing in a new one. Any combination of letters and numbers is allowed. Alternatively, use Auto Generate.

Printing—A Print option is available if you change password(s). Once you navigate away from the password module, this print option is disabled, unless new changes are made.

MAP Skills Overlap—If your students also use MAP Skills, they can use the same usernames and passwords when logging into MAP Reading Fluency.

Assigning Tests to Students

Under the Assignments tab, you can assign students one of these tests:

Foundational Skills test

Adaptive Oral Reading test

The Adaptive Oral Reading test will start with a brief oral reading task for all students, followed by a timed test of silent reading. Based on the student’s performance on these initial tasks, the test will branch into either an oral reading track with comprehension questions, or a track with no oral reading, only literacy skills and listening comprehension.

The Foundational Skills test only includes early literacy skills and listening comprehension. If you expect that a student or class is at the emergent reading stage, assign the Foundational Skills test.

You may assign tests individually, or to the whole class by clicking Edit All. Be sure to save your changes before navigating away from the page.

Choosing the Readiness Check

Because younger students often need practice with a mouse and microphone, the MAP Reading Fluency presents students with readiness checks before testing. You can specify the type of readiness check given to each student:

Checks both mouse manipulation and microphone usage (even for the Foundational Skills test).

Useful for young children who need practice using a mouse before they are ready for an online assessment.


Simple volume check, bypassing the mouse and microphone check.

Useful for older students (grades two and three), and for younger students struggling with the microphone check, especially if taking the Foundational Skills.

To set all students at once, click Edit All and then click the top icon.

If your student struggles, you can switch the chosen readiness check. See: If Students Become Locked Out.


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