Reviewing Test Results

Test results and audio playback are found under the Reports tab. You can also hand score students if necessary.

You can view reports for individuals and classes, as described in the following video:

Teacher Reports

Click on the Reports tab to access your reports.

Student Matrix Reports

On the Student Matrix report, you’ll see your students listed and a color-coded scoring measure of how each student performed on the major components of reading development. Oral reading fluency performance is reported relative to grade-level expectations. Quartiles are reported and are color-coded: Red indicates below, Yellow indicates approaching, Green indicates meeting, and Blue indicates exceeding fluency expectations given the student’s grade and the school term. The names of subscores appear across the top of the report.

To print the class report, select the Print button. Data can also be exported as a .csv file.


Individual Student Reports

To see an individual student report, click the name of the student. Reports will differ based on whether the student completed the Foundational Skills or Adaptive Oral Reading test.

If students took Foundational Skills:

The individual student report includes the student‘s scores on decoding and language comprehension tasks, with test details and a chart showing the Zone of Proximal Development for each skill. Click the link underProfile and Next Steps to see suggestions to support individual student needs.

If students took Adaptive Oral Reading but did not advance to passage reading:

The individual student report includes words correct per minute and decoding accuracy for picture book reading, as well as the student’s scores on listening comprehension, picture vocabulary, phonemic awareness, phonics/word recognition, and sentence reading fluency. Click the link under Profile and Next Steps to see suggestions to support individual student needs.

If students took Adaptive Oral Reading and advanced to passage reading:

The individual student report includes test details and results, and instructional reading level. The instructional reading level identifies the Lexile level of text that is challenging for the student, but not frustrating, for the student. Click the link under Profile and Next Steps to see suggestions to support individual student needs.

Also listed in the report is the words-correct-per-minute score. Llinks are provided to listen to audio recordings. Select Review Audio to hear the complete recording.

Hand Scoring

Hand Score lets you score a student audio recording by hand. To access hand scoring, select Review from the student’s individual report to access the passage, along with the student’s audio recording and the Hand Score feature.

Note: Recordings may take up to 24 hours to be processed and become available..

Press the Play button or space bar to start the audio playback. The machine score appears above the Shortcut Keys table. The color bar indicates the student’s performance level for that passage. Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move through the words in the passage. Other keys let you score the passage:

Key Action
5 Indicates a word substitution (such as "gave" for "have").
7 Indicates an omission (student leaves a word out).
9 Use on the last word a student reads to indicate incomplete audio. The remainder of the text will be grayed out.
1 Erases an incorrect marking.
A Rewind the recording.
D Advance the recording.

When complete, select Calculate to generate a words-correct-per-minute score.

Remember to save your hand score.

Selecting Suppress hides a student’s score from his or her individual report. If done by mistake, you can restore a suppressed score on the student’s individual report by selecting Restore Audio. A pencil icon appears on the individual student report to indicate a hand score has taken place.

You can download the audio by clicking the download arrow on the right side of the playbar. The audio will download as a .wav file.

Administrator Reports

If you have the Administrator or District/School Assessment Coordinator MAP role, there are two reports you can view. The Testing Progress tab shows the testing progress for a single school; the Reports tab shows test data for that school's students.

Reports Tab

Select the term, school, grade, and class that you wish to view using the drop-down menus at the top of the page. See Student Matrix Reports and Individual Student Reports for an explanation of the data in these reports.

Progress Tab

You will see a chart that shows test completion status for the school as a whole, followed by the completion status for each class in the school. You may filter this list by class or grade.

The statuses are as follows:

  • Completed: Students who have finished a test.
  • No Score: Students who have finished a test, but their audio was unscorable. Instructors may hand score the results or you may wish to retest.
  • Unfinished: Students who have started but not completed a test.
  • Not Started: Students who have not started a test.

Below the test completion chart, you will see a listing of all classes and the percentage of tests each class has completed.

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