Mastery Check Assignments

The best approach for making a Mastery Check assignment depends on which of these paths you are following:

Pre- and Post- Assess

At any time, you can use Mastery Checks as a quick formative assessment for your entire class:

  • Before beginning a curriculum unit—See whether students have the prerequisite skills
  • After the unit—Verify your students' learning of the new skills you have taught

Step 1: Start by choosing the strand related to your lesson. Strands organize skills into related areas, and you can choose whichever best suits each student or student group. For summary descriptions of each strand, see:

Step 2: Narrow down to the specific skills students need. See Skills Framework.

Step 3: Open the Assignments > Mastery Check tab in MAP Skills. With a strand chosen, you can then choose one or more skills from the list that appears. Each skill may take a few minutes of testing (there are up to 6 questions per skill).

Note: Also remember to set the student passwords. See: Student Preparation and Passwords.

Verify Student Learning

If you have identified and worked on the skill gaps of individual students, you should verify whether students have mastered those skills. Here are shortcuts to setting up a Mastery Check for this purpose:

  • In the Assignments tab, find the student and click the Assign Next button. From the mission tabs that appear, choose Mastery Check.


  • From the Heat Map chart (under Class Dashboard), click a status and choose Create Assignment from the pop-up. After you finish making the assignment (or click Cancel), the heat map chart re-appears with the same view as before: 


  • In the Assignments tab, use the "Ready for Mastery Check" card to make several assignments at once. This feature assumes students completed Resource missions for the skills (see "Ready For..." Rules).

Mastery Check for Reading

For reading strands, the primary purpose of a Mastery Check is to find and verify specific reading skills within the grade level designated Instructional. To pinpoint those skills, the Mastery Check presents two passages with 7‑9 questions each. You can then view skill status in either of these ways: