Quick Start for MAP Skills

If your school has chosen to implement MAP® Skills™, you can use it to pinpoint and improve specific skills your students have missed.

Note: Video reflects former name, Skills Navigator.

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Common Questions:

Which grades are supported?

  • 3-12 for remediation
  • 3-8 for core instruction
  • K-7 for enrichment

Can I use MAP Skills for student placement or screening?

No. Although MAP Skills does serve as a progress monitor, the assessments are specific to skills, and are not useful for making an overall evaluation.

Can I use MAP Skills for progress monitoring?

Yes. MAP Skills is designed to be used as a progress monitor, as defined by the National Center on Intensive Intervention. It is a Mastery Measurement that tracks individual skills as students master them. For mandated reporting in a Response to Intervention program, MAP Skills might comply, depending on the requirements of your district.

Can I use MAP Skills with gifted students?

Yes. You can use it to identify higher-grade skills that a student is ready to learn, as well as instructional resources to support independent learning.


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