Progress Monitoring

In the Students tab > Progress Graph, you can track each student's progress toward an end goal, which you can modify as needed. In general, the graph is a simple count of newly acquired skills over time, meant as an overall indicator of progress:

Note: If you instead want to track the entire grade or school, use the OnTrack tab; see On-Track Group Progress Report.

Progress Graph Overview

Watch this overview video to see how the graph works:

Graph for Math, Language, and Vocabulary

The following example shows how a student might progress within mathematics, language usage, or vocabulary:

Graph for Reading

For Reading missions, the Progress graph plots the grade level status, starting with Instructional:

If the Graph Does Not Appear:

  • The graph requires at least one skill designated Needs Work or Instructional within the chosen strand. (This skill status can come from either a Skills Locator or Mastery Check.)
  • The student profile may be missing a required reporting attribute, such as Ethnicity. Ask your school or district leaders to complete the student profile.
  • Also, you may need to wait for overnight processing, especially if the student was added on the same day as testing.

Tracking Interventions

The Progress graph also enables you to add intervention lines so you can monitor the before-and-after results on student progress. Use caution—you cannot remove or alter an intervention line once it's added to the graph.

Editing the Goal

Whenever needed and as often as needed, you can modify the end date or the targeted number of skills, using the Edit Goal button. The graph will redraw with every modification. For example, you could lower the number of targeted skills (however, this feature is not available for Reading grade levels):

Editing Skill Status

As you work with students, you may determine that the skill status no longer applies. Rather than re-test, you can directly edit the skill status.

  1. In the Class Dashboard, search for the student and subject.
  2. Click the strand "donut" chart.
  3. When the heat map chart appears, locate the skill.
  4. Click the skill status (or reading grade-level status) and choose the new status from the pop-up:

When Changing Status:

  • Unseen — You cannot change back to Unseen (gray) status, so avoid accidental changes.
  • Reading skills — You cannot change the skills underlying a reading level.
  • Progress graph — A new dot appears above the date of the change, showing the new status.
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