Assign Resources and the Next Mission

To give students practice with skills identified as Needs Work, you can assign matching online resources, followed by a Mastery Check. After the student masters one skill, repeat the cycle for each remaining skill identified as needs work: 

MAP Skills automatically walks through this cycle when you use the Assign Next button or “Ready for...” card within the Assignment tab.

This video demonstrates an example: 

Shortcuts for Resource Assignments

  • Multiple assignments at once—In the Assignments tab, use the “Ready for Resources” card.


  • One student at a time—In the Assignments tab, use the Assign Next button.


  • While using the heat map chart—Click an NW (Needs Work) status, and choose Create Assignment from the pop-up. After you finish making the assignment (or click Cancel), the heat map chart re-appears with the same view as before: 

  • Add your own resources—Click Add New Resource within the Assignments > Resources tab. It will remain under My Resources, unless you delete it.

    Note: Custom resources only appear for you, not other teachers.

  • Avoid Flash as needed—Look for indicators showing which resources require Flash, because your student's device might not support it: