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Resources and the Next Mission

Typically, for each skill designated Needs Work, you want to assign Resources, followed by a Mastery Check of that skill. You repeat this cycle for each skill designated Needs Work:

MAP Skills automatically walks through this cycle when you use the Assign Next button or "Ready for..." card within the Assignment tab. However, the system will recognize if you have already made an assignment, so it does not cause duplication.

This video walks through an example: 

Shortcuts for Resources

  • Multiple assignments at once—In the Assignments tab, use the "Ready for Resources" card (see "Ready For..." Recommendations).


  • One student at a time—In the Assignments tab, use the Assign Next button (see Assign Next Recommendations).


  • While using the heat map chart—Click an NW (Needs Work) status, and choose Create Assignment from the pop-up. After you finish making the assignment (or click Cancel), the heat map chart re-appears with the same view as before: 

  • Add your own resources—Click Add New Resource within the Assignments > Resources tab. It will remain under My Resources, unless you delete it.

    Note: Custom resources only appear for you, not other teachers.

  • Avoid Flash as needed—Look for indicators showing which resources require Flash, because your student's device might not support it:

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