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Student Preparation and Passwords

Students can use MAP Skills either at school or at home. As a teacher, you play an important role with getting students ready. See also: 

Student Site Address

Student User Name and Password

You only need to generate passwords once, but you can generate new passwords at any time, as needed. If students use MAP Skills with multiple teachers, beware of overwriting each other's password.

Prerequisite and User Name—Your student roster for this term must be imported by your school or district. Or, someone with appropriate permissions needs to add the student individually. The Student User Name is specified at that time (for details, see: Roster Students and Teachers).

  1. Open the Students tab within MAP Skills.
  2. Select your class.

  3. Click Manage Passwords.

  4. Choose either method or combination of both:
    1. Custom—Useful if you already have passwords that your students will remember. Type it for each student, one at a time. It can be unique or the same for each student.

      Note: Press Enter or click the check mark——to apply each edit (if ****** still appears, make your edit again).

    2. Auto-generated—Useful for quickly assigning multiple passwords (will be an easy word with four or five letters). Select one or more students (checkbox on left), and click Auto Generate Selected Passwords.
  5. Either print (Ctrl+P) or copy/paste the user names and passwords, so you can provide them to students.

    Note: After you close the pop-up window, you can no longer see the passwords. If you forget it, set the password again.

  6. Click Done to save your changes.

Student Experience

Take some time to show students how they will use MAP Skills. The main parts are:

Student and Parent Questions

Here are some answers you can give to common questions from students and parents:

Why are we using MAP Skills?

  • MAP Skills is like a game that helps you learn.
  • You go on missions to different lands, like Mathlandia or Readopolis:
    • First, you answer questions to see what skills you know and what skills you need to learn.
    • Once your teacher knows what skills you need to "unlock," you might take another mission to learn more about those skills.
    • Finally, you take a mission to show you've learned those skills.
  • Along the way, you can earn rewards and see all the skills you've unlocked.

How long does it take?

You can go at your own pace, but it usually takes between 5 and 20 minutes for each mission.

How hard is it?

MAP Skills is about learning just what you need, so the questions are a little different for each student.

If the questions seem too hard, just try your best and keep going. A hard question means that MAP Skills is figuring out what skills you are ready to learn. Not all the questions will be as hard.

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