Quick Start for MAP Skills

If your school has chosen to implement MAP® Skills™, you can use it to pinpoint and address specific skills your students need.

  1. Access—Log in to teach.mapnwea.org and choose MAP Skills from the left navigation.
  2. Get Started—When it opens, complete the welcome tour or click Tutorial at any time.
  3. For more background, watch the following video, and then continue with one of the paths outlined below.
  4. Also follow the student preparation steps.

Path A: Identify Skills Gaps

For students who are struggling, you will check for skills gaps using the Skills Locator. After helping students to close those gaps, check for retention with a Mastery Check.




Choose Students

Assign Skills Locator

View Results

Assign Mastery Checks

Path B: Pre- and Post- Assess

Prior to an upcoming curriculum unit, your whole class takes a quick Mastery Check, so you can see if they have the prerequisite skills necessary for your lesson. After the unit, students take another Mastery Check to verify the new skills they have learned.



Choose Skills
from Framework

Assign Mastery Checks

View Results


Path C: Reinforce Instruction + RTI 

If your student needs additional support, such as RTI, you can take advantage of these features:


Assign Online Resources

Monitor Progress

More Resources:

Common Questions:

Which grades are supported?

  • 3-12 for remediation
  • 3-8 for core instruction
  • K-7 for enrichment

Can I use MAP Skills for student placement or screening?

No. Although MAP Skills does serve as a progress monitor, the assessments are specific to skills, and are not useful for making an overall evaluation.

Can I use MAP Skills for progress monitoring?

Yes. MAP Skills is designed to be used as a progress monitor, as defined by the National Center on Intensive Intervention. It is a Mastery Measurement that tracks individual skills as students master them. For mandated reporting in a Response to Intervention program, MAP Skills might comply, depending on the requirements of your district.

Can I use MAP Skills with gifted students?

Yes. You can use it to identify higher-grade skills that a student is ready to learn, as well as instructional resources to support independent learning.