Implementation Setup for MAP Skills

Audience: School or District Leaders

This topic describes the additional steps needed to set up MAP Skills.

Access and Permissions

Staff Site Address (same as MAP Growth)

Add these roles in either Manage Users or the roster template, Additional Users tab:

  • Instructor = Use MAP Skills with assigned classes
  • Interventionist = Use MAP Skills with students from any assigned school (for example, a reading coach)
  • SN Administrator = Use MAP Skills with any student in assigned schools, and view On‑Track summary
  • Administrator or Assessment Coordinator = View On‑Track summary

Roster for Students and Teachers

Just like MAP, you need to import your roster of students every term. Complete the two new columns for students: Student User Name + Student Email. If you leave Student User Name blank, then students receive an auto-generated user name with the format: first initial, last name, and random numbers (such as jsmith517213).

If you do not update the roster: 

If no students are found in the current term roster, MAP Skills checks the prior term (known as "roster look-back"). The rules for the look-back are:

  • checks the term that just passed, not any earlier terms
  • test data appears through the current term
  • checks only for those students associated with your unique Instructor profile

See also: Student Passwords for MAP Skills

Custom Student Groups

If you work with a wide variety of students or a select group, you can save time by creating a custom group. For example, you could have a custom group as part of an intervention effort, and then modify or remove the group when students advance.

For details, see Custom Student Groups

Technology Setup for MAP Skills

The main difference from MAP Growth testing is that students do not use the NWEA secure testing browser.

  1. Check the supported browsers.
  2. Update the firewall settings with sites required for MAP Skills.
  3. For Chromebooks, also match the following Chromebook settings. In the Chrome Management console, open Device Settings > Chrome > User Settings, and scroll to the Content section:

    Cookies Allow sites to set cookies
    Third-Party Cookie Blocking Allow third-party cookies
    Images Show images
    Java Script Allow sites to run JavaScript
    Pop-ups Allow all pop-ups

Student Passwords—Each teacher can set up the passwords students use to access MAP Skills. See: Student Preparation and Passwords.