Progress Monitoring of Student Skills

From the Student Progress tab, you can track each student's progress toward an end goal, and modify the goal as needed. In general, the graph is a simple count of newly acquired skills over time, meant as an overall indicator of progress.

Note: If you instead want to track the entire grade or school, use the OnTrack tab; see On-Track Group Progress Report.

If the Progress Data Does Not Appear:

  • Student must have at least one skill with Passed or Mastered status.
  • The student profile might lack needed information, such as Ethnicity. Ask your school or district leaders to complete the student profile.
  • You might need to wait for overnight processing, especially if the student was added on the same day as testing.

Progress in Math, Language Usage, and Vocabulary

Here is an example for Mathematics (Language Usage and Vocabulary look similar):

How the Graph Updates—Suppose this example student later mastered a new skill, and you also changed the status of another skill from Needs Work to Passed. The new count would show in the graph above the applicable week: 

Skill Details and Assignments

Click the arrow next to any skill to see assignment details, and to potentially create a new assignment. For example, you could assign a Mastery Check for a skill with Passed status:

Tip: If needed, you can also directly change the status if you know a student’s skill ability from other evidence. See Optional: Change Skill Status.

Progress in Reading

For Reading, you track progress through a count of correct answers, not a count of skills. With each Mastery Check, your student typically answers more and more questions correctly, until she reaches an Independent reading level for a given grade:

How Reading Skills Relate to Progress:

  • Reading skills serve as a guide for how to help your student progress to Independent status
  • Skills remain the same across grades, but they differ in text complexity
  • Remember that skills only result from a Mastery Check, not a reading Locator mission
  • Students never receive Mastered status for reading

Goals for Skill Progress

Whenever needed and as often as needed, you can modify the end date or the targeted number of skills, using the Edit Goal button. The graph will redraw with every modification. For example, you could lower the number of targeted skills:

Intervention Notes

The Progress graph also enables you to add intervention notes so you can monitor the before-and-after results on student progress.

You can see and manage your intervention notes from the list at the bottom of the page: