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Student results appear in various places, depending on what level you need: 

Example Math Results

Example Reading Results

Printing or Exporting Results

To capture the screen display of the heat map, use the Print command in your browser. To obtain an editable copy (CSV format), use the Export button:

For example, you could use the export file to sort and group students based on skill status.

Now you try...

Narrow Down to a Strand

  1. Under the Class Dashboard tab, complete the filter menus (gray bar at top). Here are tips:

    • Instructional Area — Also known as the MAP "goal score," is optional, but helps to narrow down the list of strands.
    • Strand — Choose All Strands if you want an overview of all testing done for the subject.
    • If "No Skill Status Data Available" appears, try changing the filters to be more broad.
  2. If viewing All Strands

    1. Scan the strand "donut" charts for the status demanding the most attention:


      Meaning of Chart numbers:
      Donut charts are not a count of students. They show a count of the given status. A status could appear multiple times for one student, so the count does not necessarily equal the count of students.


    2. Click whichever strand chart is most relevant to your current teaching:

      Math strands: Each mathematics skill can relate to multiple strands, including strands you did not assign directly. Pick whatever strand is most relevant now. As the student progresses on a skill under one strand, that progress will apply to all other strands where the skill appears.

      Reading strands: After a Skills Locator, all related strands appear. For example, if you assigned Informational Text, then charts for all non-fiction genres appear. Pick whichever genre meets your student’s interests or your current curriculum.

  3. After you click a strand chart, continue to the next section.

Next: Pinpoint Students and Skills

Clicking a strand "donut" chart opens the underlying skills in a "heat map" chart with the following parts:

To help pinpoint skills:

  • Hover or click each skill to see a full description:

  • Narrow down the list of students displayed:

  • Switch between grade and skill status (for reading, after Mastery Check):

    Tip: Although reading skills appear to be the same across grades, they differ by the level of text complexity.

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