How to Export Data

Use the Data Export Scheduler to export MAP Growth results either one time or on a regular schedule.

Required roles: District Assessment Coordinator or School Assessment Coordinator

  1. From the MAP home page, select View Reports > MAP Growth Reports.
  2. On the left of the reports home page, expand Data Export Scheduler and choose Schedule a Data Export.

    Or, you can open the scheduler from the list of reports.

  3. Select Enable.

    Caution: If you are not using the output for some period, select Disable to preserve system resources. If you generate a One Time export file, the setting returns to Disable once the export finishes.

  4. Choose how often to export (Frequency):
    • One Time: Generates as system resources are available, typically within an hour.

      IMPORTANT: If you make administrative changes on the same day as the one time export—such as modifying student profiles or changing a test window—then they will not appear in the exported data. Administrative changes do not appear in exports (and reports) until after the nightly process, so an export that occurs before the nightly process will not reflect changes from that day. For this reason, the one-time export is best used for historical data or for exports made early in the day.
    • Daily: Generates every day as part of nightly processing.
    • Weekly: Generates weekly, on the specified day, as part of that day's nightly processing.
  5. Optional: If using One Time export: Under Term, you can choose a past term. The term you choose becomes the ending term for growth comparisons.

    In contrast, with the Daily or Weekly export, the ending term is always the current term.

  6. Choose the Export Type:
    1. Comprehensive = set of CSV files

    2. Combined = single CSV file
  7. Choose how to aggregate:
    • By School: Generates separate export packages for each school. (For example, you may want to distribute data to a school administrator.)
    • By District: Generates one export package including all schools.

Retrieving the Export

After processing, you can return to View Reports > MAP Growth Reports > Data Export Scheduler to retrieve the export. Alternatively, you can set up an automated retrieval.

The file with Download status is the most recent, and replaces any prior versions. (The In Process status indicates another export is underway.)

Tip: If the download does not appear to be updated, try clearing your browser cache.

For descriptions of exported data, review the Data Export Field Descriptions spreadsheet.

Analyzing with Excel Pivot Tables

You can use the Pivot Table feature in Microsoft Excel® to find trends, such as the average scores within a range of schools. See the following article: