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Family Report

For a full sample with more subjects, see Sample Family Report.

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Presents key results so you can communicate with students and their families

Applicable tests

MAP Growth and MAP Growth K–2 (not Screening tests)

Required roles

Instructor, Administrator, or Assessment Coordinator (School or District)

Date limits

Family report will display the current test window data, along with up to 4 additional historic data points

Video Overview

Printing Tips

  • Access the report from either the MAP Growth reports home page or from within the Student Profile Report .
  • When you choose a term, it becomes the end of the comparison period and follows these rules:
    • If you choose a fall term, the student’s growth shows a fall-to-fall comparison, if available.
    • If you choose winter or spring, the student’s growth shows a comparison from the fall of that school year, if available.
    • If there is no data for the chosen term, the report retrieves the closest term with test data, which could differ for each subject.
  • For the growth chart, the percentile color key is:

Growth Projections

  • There are no projections available from summer test results.
  • Which state and college projections appear depends on the state alignment that your district selected during MAP implementation.
  • If your state does not have a specific NWEA linking study, default projections developed by NWEA appear on the report.
  • Depending on the state, projections could be limited to certain subjects (typically reading and math) and certain grades (typically 2 through 8).
    • College readiness projections are limited to grades 5 through 9 (SAT®) and 10 (ACT).
  • To make projections, the report follows these steps:
    • Uses NWEA norms to estimate growth to the term when the state or college assessment typically occurs.
    • Uses the NWEA linking study to correlate that projected RIT score to an estimated proficiency.
  • ACT College Readiness: The “On Track 24” projection is the highest benchmark. It is based on a more stringent ACT® cut score of 24, instead of 22.