Roster Upload Overview

You must upload student and users before every test term, or more frequently as needed. (Alternatively, you can use Manage Users and Manage Students to create Instructor profiles and student profiles one by one.)

Consider timing of imports

Allow at least a week before each testing term to complete and import your roster. Because you can run only one import process within a district at a time, NWEA recommends that you coordinate the import at the district level. The entire importing process can take anywhere from minutes to days, depending on the number of profiles you need to add or modify in the MAP system, the number of errors that need to be corrected, and the length of time needed to gather all the pertinent information for import.


  • During peak testing times, MAP puts import requests into a queue, which may take up to 48 hours
  • If needed, you can break the import file into small batches instead of one large file
  • To prevent conflicts, inform all users when an import is in progress so they avoid updating user profiles

Coordinate so that names match

Work as a team to ensure that the custom names defined in your MAP preferences (school, ethnic groups, grades, and programs) are an exact match to the names in your roster import file.

Tip: If you intend to use MAP data with content providers like Compass Learning or Study Island, also make sure student IDs and names match between the two systems.

Gather staff e-mail addresses

The best practice is to use staff e-mail addresses for both the user name and the E-mail Address setting. This way, the MAP system automatically e-mails a temporary password to each user.

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