iPad Set-up for Students

To prepare iPads for secure testing, install the NWEA Secure Testing App, which automatically opens to the student testing site (test.mapnwea.org) in full-screen mode.

  • Access—Under the iTunes App Store, search for "NWEA testing."
  • Distribution—Use a mobile device management tool, such as Apple's Profile Manager. If needed, use the following IDs:
    • Bundle ID—org.nwea.maptesting
    • App ID—1087546325
  • Practice—For students to gain experience, use the MAP Practice Tests. See Practice Tests and Videos for MAP Growth.

If the iPad app freezes...

The app could freeze if there is a break in the wireless connection. You need to exit the app and restart.

Tip: If pressing the Home button fails to exit, then try pressing both Home and Power buttons at the same time until the iPad restarts.

Next, on your proctor computer, select an action depending on the Status: 

  • Confirmed—Choose Select Action > Do Not Confirm (you will confirm later)
  • Testing—Choose Select Action > Suspend
    • Once suspended, chose Select Action > Test Again

Ask the student to sign in again, and then confirm as usual.

If you need to interrupt testing at the iPad...

The easiest way to interrupt iPad testing is through the controls on your proctor computer. However, if you are unable to use a proctor computer, it is possible to interrupt directly at the iPad:

  • Connect a keyboard directly into the iPad (you will need an adapter and a simple, low-power keyboard).
  • Type the interrupt shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + P.