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Screening Test Structure for Early Learners

This screening test adapts after the initial sub-skill section and presents a set of either more or less difficult questions, based on the student’s performance to that point:

  • If less than 4 correct = less difficult sub-skill section

  • If 4 or 5 correct = more difficult sub-skill section

Mathematics Early Numeracy Test


  Skill Initial Sub-skill Section Adaptive Sections
Less Difficult ...or... More Difficult
Counts Counts 1 to 10 and One-to-One Correspondence for 1 to 10 Rote Counting – Counts to a Number One-to-One Correspondence for 11 to 20
Number/Numeral Identifies Numerals 1 to 10 Matches Numerals 1 to 10 Identifies Numerals 11 to 20
Computation Computes with Manipulatives: Moving Objects Identifies Numbers of Objects: More/Fewer Computes with Manipulatives: Numerical Answer

Reading Early Literacy Test


  Skill   Initial Sub-skill Section Adaptive Section
Less Difficult ...or... More Difficult
Phonological Awareness Rhyming Words Matching Sounds Manipulating Sounds
Visual Discrimination/Phonics Letter Identification Visual Discrimination of Words Matching Sounds to Letters
Concepts of Print Orientation to the Page Understanding Pre-Reading Behaviors Identify Title/Author and Counting Words
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