Proctor Quick Start

Are you new to the Proctor role? This page guides you through the main steps:

Also reference the Testing Tips for common questions.






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Set Up Testing in MAP

  1. Log in at

  2. Choose MAP Growth.

  3. Select Manage Test Sessions.

  4. Follow Option 1, 2, or 3 (outlined below) to create a testing session. This will allow you to group students so you can administer testing and has no effect on reporting.

    Menu with Manage Test Sessions highlighted

    MAP Growth main menu with Manage Test sessions highlighted.

Note:  Help Center images show a “super-user” view (all options displayed). Your view of the start page might be different because it will be based on what your school/district has licensed and your MAP role(s).

Option 1—Find Students to Test

This option is useful for preparing an arbitrary group of students ahead of time.


  1. Select Find Students to Test.
  2. Choose criteria and select Search.

  3. Review the search results and select Add Students.

  4. Repeat the search as needed.

    Keep the student count below 100; too many students can slow the sign-in.

    If a student is missing, try using <No School Assigned> in the criteria.

    If you need to add a student, contact a school leader for instructions.

  5. Select students and make needed assignments (each student can have a different assignment):
    1. Select Assign Test and select a test from the list.
    2. Select Assign Accommodations if a student requires accommodations, including Text-to-Speech.

      For more guidance, see Assignments for tests, accommodations, or Text-to-Speech.

  6. If you plan to use this testing session at a later time, select Save Session.

    Use a name that’s unique and easy to type. Avoid spaces, special characters, and capital letters. Examples: jbmath72 (your initials +subject +grade +period) or 21eagle918 (room +mascot +month +year)

  7. If you need to test immediately, select Test Now.

Option 2—Test My Class

Use this option if you’re testing your own class of students.

  1. Select Test My Class.

    If the button doesn't work, your MAP profile was not associated with a class of students for this term. (This association must happen every testing term.) Contact a MAP leader in your school or district.

  2. Select one of your classes, if prompted.

    The Proctor console appears and the testing session starts.

  3. Select students and make needed assignments (each student can have a different assignment):
    1. Select Assign Test and select a test from the list.
    2. Select Assign Accommodations if a student requires accommodations, including Text-to-Speech.

      For more guidance, see Assignments for tests, accommodations, or Text-to-Speech.


Option 3—Use Saved Testing Session

Use this option if a session was already created and saved by you or someone in your school or district.


  1. Select Show next to Saved Testing Sessions.

    Saved Testing Sessions interface and the Created By filter

  2. To see testing sessions created by others, change Created By.

    Note: Access may be limited. With the School Proctor role, you can only access sessions created by someone with the District Proctor role.

  3. When you find and select a testing session, choose Test Now.

    If not available, you already have a session running (you can only run one at a time). Select Return to Testing.

Assignments for tests, accommodations, or Text-to-Speech

When making test assignments, refer to the following table of test naming conventions. As shown, many tests have screen reader compatible version.

  Test Type Subject and Grades State and Adoption Year of Academic Standard Enhanced Item Selection Algorithm* Version for students with blindness and low-vision*
Examples Growth Math 6+ NY 2017   (Screen Reader Compatible)
Growth Reading K–2 NY 2017    
Screening Science 6–8 NY 2016    
Growth Math 6+ NY 2017 1.1  
Growth Reading K–2 NY 2017 1.1  
Screening Science 6–8 NY 2016 1.1 (with Screen Reader Compatibility)

* Only applicable for some tests.

When assigning accommodations, select all the assistance you plan to provide so it is permanently recorded with the test. You cannot change these assignments once the student starts testing, unless you suspend the test and ask the student to rejoin the testing session.

Text-to-Speech is one of the accommodation choices. It is intended for sighted students, such as English language learners, and it enables audio tools that appear within the test toolbar.

For details, see Accommodations and Accessibility and also Text-to-Speech Accommodation.

Student Sign-in

Before students arrive

  1. On your Proctor console, you should now see the Test Students page. If not, select Test Now.

    Session Name and Password that students type when they sign in

  2. At the top, look for the Session Name and Password.

  3. Write or display this name and password on a board for all students to copy during sign-in.

    Note: The password regenerates every time you start a session and will expire overnight.

When students arrive

Icon for NWEA secure testing browser or app

  1. On student testing devices, students start the NWEA secure testing browser or app.

    Or, if your school will be testing with a browser only, you can direct students to:

  2. Ask students to learn about MAP Growth with the following choices on their log-in page: 

    • Try the Practice Test (about 5 non-scored, sample questions).

      Username and Password are grow.

    • Student Resources (explanatory videos about the test, tools, and test engagement).

    • Or, read the Student Directions Script.

Confirm students to start

Confirm students every few minutes, as students are ready.

Student prompts and Proctor console with Refresh and Confirm buttons highlighted

  1. On student testing devices, guide students to complete their prompts.

    Note: Spanish-speaking students can choose to see translated instructions.

  2. As needed, check whether students have chosen correctly.
  3. On your Proctor console, select Refresh Page to see which students have the “To Be Confirmed” status.
  4. Select Confirm. This confirms all students with "To Be Confirmed" status.

    Or, to select individual students, choose Select Action and then Confirm.

  5. Students: Select Start Test.

    Tip: If your internet connection is slow, ask students to start a few at a time, rather than all at once.

See also: Student Sign-In Tips for common sign-in issues.

Pause, Suspend, or Terminate

To control a student’s test, select the student and choose from the Select Action menu:

Action Duration Follow-up Action What to Expect
Pause* Up to 25 minutes Resume

–Student must resume from the same device
–Test will continue with the next question
–After 25 minutes, the test becomes suspended

Suspend Up to
28 days

Test Again
(same day and session)

Test will continue with the next question


Resume Test prompt (another day)

Continue testing with either the saved testing session or a newly created testing session, whichever is more convenient

14 days is the recommended limit because too many days of instruction between testing could influence the score

Terminate Permanent

Test Again
(after reassigning test)

Caution: System discards any answers given for the terminated test; use only if the wrong test was assigned

*Other pauses: To pause on the student testing computer, select: Ctrl+Shift+P (or Ctrl+Shift+L) and enter the PIN from your console. Learn more about Proctor Shortcut Keys. For information about the automatic pause from rapid guessing, see Test Engagement and Rapid Guessing.

End of Testing

Before you can begin another testing session, you must end the first session. You can run only one testing session at a time. Although it's possible to leave your testing session running until more students arrive, you cannot keep it running overnight. Every night, all sessions are closed automatically, and any tests left open become suspended.

To end for all students:

  1. On the Proctor console, choose End Testing Session.

    If students are still testing, a prompt shows that those tests will become suspended. Select Yes to continue.

  2. At the next prompt, choose either:
    1. Save and Exit: Choose if the same group of students will be tested together later.
    2. Delete Session: Choose if different groups will be formed for further testing. (Does not affect test results; students can resume incomplete tests in the same or another testing session.)

  3. Close down the browser or app on student testing devices using the applicable command:

    PC or Mac:

    Select the X at top



    Use the Home button



    Select the X or Shift+Alt+K

To end one test and continue another:

  1. Select the student, and then select Test Again.

  2. Select the student and then Assign Test(s) to assign a new test (and also Assign Accommodations if it differs for the new test).
  3. Ask the student to sign in again (same session name and password).