Screen Reader Guidelines

For students who need screen reader technology, you can use JAWS® 2021 or 2022. Other programs may be compatible, but only JAWS has been successfully evaluated for use with MAP Growth testing.

Note: Students who are using screen readers like JAWS may not see the orange focus indicator because JAWS uses audio navigation instead of visual navigation.

Setup for JAWS Screen Reader

On the student desktop computer:

  1. For the student browser, use Firefox®.

    The NWEA secure browser does not support JAWS.

  2. In the JAWS settings, ignore the Onclick HTML attribute. See the instructions "Ignoring HTML Attributes" under Speech and Sound Schemes.
  3. Provide headphones to avoid distracting other students.
  4. In the MAP testing session, assign a test labeled Accessible, such as "Growth: Math 6+ NWEA 2017 (Accessible)."

    These tests work like other MAP Growth assessments, but they ensure all questions have alternative text descriptions for pictures.

    Note: There is not currently an accessible test for early learners (grades K–2).

Braille Setup

Students may use a refreshable braille display that is compatible with JAWS. However, support for braille is still in development. If students use a refreshable braille display, please note that there may be some inconsistencies, particularly in the areas of math and science.

Using Screen Readers

In general, students use the standard key commands for their assistive technology tools. For example, down arrow in JAWS will read the next line of text on the page. For the log-in pages, students should use Tab to navigate the different edit fields. You may use this alternative script to explain to students test navigation and other tips: 

Download the Proctor script now (Word format)—or right click and choose Save As

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