Data Exports and Sharing

To leverage your test results, you can export the data to a file, or share data with approved vendors.

About Exporting Test Results

You can schedule delivery of exportable MAP Growth results data using the Data Export Scheduler, available from the MAP Growth Reports landing page. The results are delivered in CSV format and packaged in a .zip file.

With exported files, you can:

There are three types of exports you can choose:

Comprehensive Data Combined Data CompassLearning XML 
2–5 files 1 file 1 file

Basic files:

  • StudentBySchool.csv—Student-to-school associations
  • AssessmentResults.csv—All valid assessment results for students in the specified term

Optional files, depending on your choices:

  • ClassAssignments.csv—Student-to-teacher and class associations
  • ProgramAssignments.csv—Student-to-program associations
  • AccommodationAssignment.csv—Test accommodations associated with the exported test events

ComboStudentAssessment.csv contains:

  • Student-to-school associations
  • All valid assessment results for students in the specified term

Format that automatically imports into the Odyssey program.

Includes data from all schools that you select. (Schools must be licensed for both MAP and Odyssey to qualify for this opportunity.)

For descriptions of exported data, review the Data Export Field Descriptions spreadsheet.

Automated Retrieval of Export

Rather than continually opening MAP and downloading each export, you can use a scripting interface to automatically retrieve the exported data file and place it in a location of your choice. For more information, see Automated Retrieval of Data Export Files.

About Sharing Assessment Data with Data Partners

Required MAP role: District Assessment Coordinator

NWEA qualifies certain instructional partners to use student MAP Growth assessment results in their products. For example, there are instructional tools that target learning resources based on each student's MAP score. If you use one of these qualified instructional partners, you can grant them access to your assessment results. The access happens automatically through a secure application interface in MAP Growth called the Manage Data Partners dashboard.

Note: If you don't currently have an agreement with the qualified instructional partner for their services which describes their obligations with respect to the assessment data you authorize us to share, put one in place before proceeding with the consent. Consenting to share assessment data through the Manage Data Partners portal does not create such an agreement between you and the instructional partner.

If an instructional partner's tool isn't listed, it's not yet qualified by NWEA.

To access the dashboard, go to the start page and select Modify Preferences in the header. Then select Manage Data Partners.

Consent to Share Data

Before you can share assessment data with an instructional partner, you need to provide data sharing consent. To do this, go to the Manage Data Partners screen. Find the instructional partner you want to share assessment data with and select Edit. Read the Data Sharing Authorization Acknowledgment. Check the two boxes if you agree, then select Accept Consent to consent to sharing assessment data with that instructional partner.

As soon as you select Accept Consent, the tool has authorization to access your district's MAP Growth assessment data. However, you should contact your instructional partner to ensure their tool is correctly configured to pull MAP Growth assessment data.

What Data You Agree to Share

When the tool you authorized sends a request for assessment data, here is the type of data it can pull:

  • Student identification and program participation
  • Test details, such as date and duration
  • MAP Growth test events
  • All RIT scores, for both subject and instructional areas, from all terms
  • Norms achievement percentile
  • Lexile™ scores for reading tests
  • Quantile™ scores for math tests

Add or Remove Schools from Data Sharing

Once you have granted data sharing consent to an instructional partner, the next step is to choose the schools you want to share assessment data from. On the Manage Data Partners screen, find the instructional partner you want to add or remove schools for and select Edit. Use the checkboxes to select or deselect schools. Selected schools will share assessment data with the instructional partner, and deselected schools will not. When you're done, select Save Changes.

Conduct Annual Data Sharing Review

We strongly encourage partners to annually review all the Instructional Partners and Data Partners that have been granted sharing access via the Manage Data Partner screen. We understand that with an ever-evolving educational landscape, the solutions that you may require can change over time. Be sure to keep your data safe and protected by revoking any Data Sharing consent that you have given to systems or solutions you may no longer be using. See below for instructions for how to revoke data sharing consent from any Instructional Partner.

End Consent to Share Data

If you ever need to stop sharing with a particular instructional partner, find that instructional partner on the Manage Data Partners screen and select Edit. At the top of the screen, expand the Data Sharing Consent Overview. Review the data sharing consent details. Check the two boxes if you agree, then select Revoke Consent to end assessment data sharing with that vendor.