Reports Overview

The following table lists the reports and instructional resources that each MAP system role can access.

Role MAP Reports Operational Reports


District Assessment Coordinator



Data Administrator


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Using the Reports Queue

For most MAP reports, you need to wait a few minutes, or longer, for the system to create the PDF file. When finished, it appears under View Reports > Reports Queue. The most recently requested report appears at the top.

A report status can be:

  • In Progress: The report has been ordered and is not ready to view.
  • View/Print: The PDF format of the report is available to view in a Web browser. You can save the report to your hard drive or print it.
  • Download: The report is generated as a .pdf or .xml file and is available to open or save. If your report has more than one component or is very large, it is compressed into a .zip file.
  • Failed: The system failed to generate the report. You can order the report again or call NWEA Technical Support for assistance.

Reports are removed automatically from the Reports Queue 14 days after they were created. You can also delete selected reports from the Reports Queue and order them again later.

Using Student Quick Search

From View Reports > MAP Growth Reports, you can pinpoint a student's results using the Student Quick Search. Once you find the student, you can choose any of these reports:

If Student is Not Found:

  • The term could have ended and the new term is not ready. For the term to be ready, your district must:
  • Or, the student you seek is not assigned to your class. You can try these solutions:
    • Make sure you used the correct log-in credentials
    • Edit your profile to add the student to your class—see Manage Users

Time Required for Reports

Keep in mind the processing time required for reports and certain report data:

  • Nightly Data Update — To keep reports running fast, the MAP system performs updates to the reporting database only at night. This means that changes that users make to data do not appear in reports until the next day, after those changes transfer from the main database to the separate reporting database. Example changes are:
    • testing
    • adding a student ID
    • reassigning test events
    • modifying a test window
  • Generation Time — The time it takes to generate reports depends on the report's priority, size, and volume (number of records included in the report). HTML-based reports are available immediately, but they are not stored in the Reports Queue.

District Selection

Depending on your MAP role, you may need to select a district before you can access MAP reports. After you select a district, the reports available to you cover only the schools in that district. (There are currently no reports that incorporate data for multiple districts.) 

To change the district, re-open the menu selection under View Reports.

The MAP roles affected are: State Data Administrator, State Read-Only User, and State Technology Coord.


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