Staff Login

For staff to access the MAP Suite, they use this site address:

As a best practice, take advantage of the feature that automatically emails staff their login information. The requirements for this feature are:

  • The sender address,, must be permitted in your email system. Add the following to the email spam filter (both server and clients):

  • A valid email address must be included in the Email Address of each user profile. Coordinate with the Data Administrator.

An email message is also triggered for a password reset or for changes to the User Name.

Note: As an alternative to the automatic email, it's possible to copy the temporary password that appears on screen when creating a single user (Manage Users feature). The temporary password appears only once. If you do not copy it, you will need to reset the password.

Linking to MAP

Try these suggestions to make it easy for staff to open their site (

  • Push a shortcut to the computer desktops.
  • Place a shortcut in a network folder where users can access it, and ask them to copy the shortcut to the desktop (one time per computer).
  • Add a favorite or bookmark when you configure the browsers.

Login Issues

If staff encounter problems with their login, make sure they meet the requirements listed under Staff Browser and Other Settings.

For a forgotten password, each person can request a reset. Alternatively, you can generate a temporary password by updating the user’s profile. See Resetting a User Password.