Testing Step-by-step: Student Sign-in



    Overall: Get name and passwordOpen browsers > Start MAP






Get the name and password of the testing session:

  1. On your proctor computer, you should now see the Test Students page.

    (If not, click Test Now.)

  2. At the top, notice the session name and password:

  3. On a board, write the name and password for the students to copy.


Open browsers and give instructions: 

  1. On student computers, start MAP in one of the following ways:

    See also: Setup Student iPads.

  2. Inform students about the MAP test. Here are resources you can use:
    1. Student Introduction to MAP Testing — One-page document you can read.
    2. MAP warm-up video and MPG warm-up video — Show on a projector. Also available to students by clicking the Test Warm-up button on their sign-in page.


Students sign in and you confirm:

  1. On student computers, guide students to complete the following:

    Potential Issue:

  2. On your proctor computer, confirm students every few minutes, as students are ready:
    1. Click Refresh Status to see which students have the "To Be Confirmed" status.
    2. Click Confirm Now. It confirms all students with "To Be Confirmed" status.

      — or —

      Select students, click Select Action, and choose Confirm.

      Show me...Collapsed

      Potential Issues:

  3. Students: Click Start Test.



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