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Invalid and Growth Test Results

In order to make valid comparisons, MAP Growth tests must meet specific criteria. If tests do not fall within the following ranges, they are considered invalid for reporting purposes:  

Test Invalidation Change – As of November 2018, tests will no longer become invalid due to excessive disengagement. This temporary change reverses the rule used during fall testing: tests became invalid when a student rapidly guessed through 30% or more of the questions. This invalidation rule is scheduled to return in the future, along with more features to keep track of invalidation. Until then, disengaged responses will only trigger alerts and show on reports. In particular, use the Grade Breakdown report to see the amount of Disengaged Responses across all students. See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

For invalid tests, retesting could be an option, if appropriate for the student.

Growth Criteria

Two other criteria control whether a test event is considered part of official growth measures:

  • Test window dates—Tests must fall within the dates designated for testing (“test window”). Test dates are when students started testing, so a student could complete a test outside the test window and it would still count for growth.
  • Multiple tests—If a student completes the same test multiple times in a term, the test with the lower Standard Error of Measure (SEM) becomes the growth measure. Any duplicate test scores, even though still valid, are not considered for growth comparisons.
    • Note: If tests have the same SEM, then the test that is either most recent or has the highest RIT score becomes the growth measure.

Use caution when making decisions based on tests that do not meet growth criteria. In some cases, you might adjust your test window dates to include tests that were started outside the window. However, the test window has a direct impact on growth calculations, so do not over-extend the window. See If Needed: Modify Your Test Window.

Another potential action is to exclude a test if there are multiple scores.

Appearance on MAP Growth Reports

Invalid tests appear on the Class and Grade reports with a reason code to explain the cause:

Note: In contrast, you can see a preliminary score for these invalid tests when you access the Modify Test Event page. In this case, ignore the preliminary score that appears there.


For valid tests that do not meet growth criteria, the Class and Grade reports show results in light gray formatting. The same formatting also applies to the Student Progress report, if you chose the All Valid report option:

Note: These tests are excluded from aggregate calculations in the summary section of the reports.

Other Reports

  • Comprehensive Data File export—Tests taken outside the test window will also appear in this export, with FALSE in the GrowthMeasureYN column. These tests will not appear on the Combined Data File export.
  • Students Without Valid Test Results—This operational report includes students if their test is considered invalid.
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