Oversee and Complete Testing

As a leader of the MAP Growth assessment, you will want to ensure that testing progresses as planned. Follow this summary of tasks:


Timeframe What to Do Reports to Check
Weekly throughout testing Checkbox Check testing progress

Under View Reports > Operational:

Toward the end of testing Checkbox Check rapid-guessing behavior

Under View Reports > MAP Reports:

Checkbox Check for students added improperly

Under View Reports > Operational:

As needed

Checkbox Search for incomplete (suspended) tests
or completed tests with excessive rapid-guessing

Under Manage Test Sessions > Find Students to Test:

  • Test History Search tab

See also: How to Retest Students within a Term

End of testing Checkbox Complete your test window See Complete Your Test Window

Check Rapid-Guessing Behavior

A rapid guess means the student answered well below the average response time measured by NWEA for each test question. The response is so fast that the student could not have viewed the question completely.

If students rapid-guess excessively, their scores might misrepresent their abilities. NWEA recommends your school consider retesting in those situations, especially those students who reach the rapid-guessing threshold, meaning students who rapid-guessed at least 30% of questions possible.

To identify candidates for retesting, there are reports on both the grade-level and student-level. For instructions, see How to Retest Students within a Term.

Complete Your Test Window

After all schools have tested, you must mark the test window as complete before MAP Growth can generate District Summary and Student Growth Summary reports. This action is also required for district averages to appear on reports. Overnight processing is required.

Recommended preparation

  • Notify all of your schools so they can complete testing.
    • Use operational reports to check the testing status of schools or grades:
      • Test Events by Status
      • Students Without Valid Test Results
  • To find and complete suspended tests, use Test History Search (open Manage Test Sessions and click Find Students to Test)

For an explanation of this task, watch the following video:

Required: mark test window complete

Do these steps after every testing season.

Required MAP role: District Assessment Coordinator or System Administrator

  1. In the left pane, select Modify Preferences > Manage Terms.
  2. Select the academic year.

  3. Click View/Update Terms.
  4. Scroll to the term and select Test Window Complete.
  5. Recommended—Set Weeks of Instruction so that your MAP reports show the most precise norms percentiles. Match the average number of weeks from the beginning of the school year to the time when most students begin to test, across all subjects and grades.

  6. Scroll down and click Submit.
  7. Wait for the overnight process.

If needed: modify your test window

At any time, you can change the dates of your test window. For example, if one of your grades missed their scheduled testing, they would be missing from MAP reports that show growth. By extending the test window dates, you can include those missing test results. However, do not over-extend the window, because it has a direct impact on growth calculations.

Note: Tests are included in the test window based on the start date, not the completion date.

To change the dates:

  1. In the left pane, select Modify Preferences > Manage Terms.
  2. Select the academic year and click View/Update Terms.
  3. Clear the Test Window Complete check box to enable editing of the date fields.
  4. Scroll down and click Submit.

To complete the test window again:

  1. Select the academic year again and click View/Update Terms.
  2. In the term you just edited, select Test Window Complete again.
  3. Scroll down and click Submit
  4. Wait overnight for your change to affect the MAP reports.