Use Quantile Measurements

This topic provides guidance on using the Quantile® measures provided with MAP Growth math assessments in English and Spanish. (For background about these assessments, visit Test Descriptions Summary.)

Note: Quantile measures are not available on course-specific math assessments.

Quantile and Metametrics are trademarks of MetaMetrics, Inc., and are registered in the United States and abroad.

The Quantile® Framework is a mathematics measurement framework developed by MetaMetrics. It is a nationally recognized mathematics score aligned to the NWEA math RIT score. Similar to the MetaMetrics Lexile score, the Quantile score helps educators understand the difficulty of specific mathematical skills and concepts on a single developmental scale. You can use the Quantile Framework for Mathematics to match students with classroom materials.

Lexile is a trademark of MetaMetrics, Inc.

Quantile scores are included in the following reports and files:

The table below explains how a student with a Quantile score of 750Q is forecasted to understand content at varying Quantile score levels.

Student mathematics achievement Skill demand Skill description Forecasted understanding



Locate points on a number line.




Use order of operations, including parentheses, to simply numerical expressions.




Translate between models or verbal phrases and algebraic expressions.

750Q 950Q Estimate and calculate areas with scale drawings and maps. 25%
750Q 1150Q Recognize and apply definitions and theorems of angles formed when a transversal intersects parallel lines. 10%