Match RIT to Concepts

Use the following word lists as you teach the concepts that students are ready to learn. For students who scored within a given range, you can enhance their instruction by reinforcing these words. For English language learners, these word lists can prepare students before the MAP assessment, because the words and related concepts are likely to appear in the test. (However, because tests are adaptive, the words are not guaranteed to appear.) These words lists are not comprehensive. Use them in conjunction with other vocabulary lists associated with your curriculum.

Relation to Norms

The words within each RIT band represent the difficulty level that MAP measures, regardless of your state standard. To see how the RIT ranges correspond to grade level, see the charts in the Normative Data Overview.

Relation to Learning Statements

These words and concepts correspond directly to the learning statements found in MAP reports. If you want more context, especially how these topics evolve across the RIT bands, please refer to the Test View within the Learning Continuum report. You'll find learning statements that can better suggest when a topic might be a focus for instruction.


MAP Growth K-2 Concepts

See MAP Growth K-2 RIT to Concepts


MAP Growth 2+ Concepts