Prepare Proctors

When you help Proctors to administer MAP Growth testing, also decide which role to assign—School Proctor or District Proctor (see Choose MAP Roles).

General preparations:

Checkbox Direct Proctors to the online training resources available from Proctor Quick Start

Checkbox Provide dates for the testing window (all tests should be started before the end of the window)

Checkbox Remind Proctors to allow time for make-up testing and potentially retesting

Test engagement preparations:

Checkbox Discuss how Proctors will intervene if students rapid-guess during the test

Checkbox Provide guidelines for possible retesting when students rapid-guess excessively (see Your Retesting Policy )

If Proctors set up testing sessions:

Checkbox Advise Proctors which method to use in Manage Test Sessions:

  • Find Students to Test: for preparing an arbitrary group of students ahead of time
  • Test My Class: for teachers administering tests for their class

Checkbox Specify the test or tests that students need to take and remind Proctors that each student can take a different test (see Test Descriptions Summary

Checkbox Specify what accommodations to provide, including who can receive the Text-to-Speech feature

Checkbox Confirm your naming conventions for testing sessions:

Examples: jbmath72 (your initials +subject +grade +period) or 21eagle918 (room +mascot +month +year).