Staff Access

In general, your district is solely responsible for keeping staff and student data secure, in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

You control access by assigning roles to each person’s user profile. A role defines what each person can do and see on the staff site:

To begin, review Steps to Add Users and Roles as well as Choose MAP Roles.

For maintenance of roles and related settings, see Manage Users.

Steps to Add Users and Roles

Here are the typical actions your team would follow when adding the user profiles and roles:

Goal Action Details

Determine access

Decide how to control access by assigning MAP roles.

Choose MAP Roles

Add leadership team

Use Manage Users in the MAP site to add individuals.

Creating a User Profile

As needed for bulk upload:

Add other staff and MAP roles

Import non-teaching staff in bulk through the roster process (requires Data Administrator role).

Add Staff and Roles in Roster Import

Verify staff receives log-in email

If you included email address with the staff import, they will receive an automated email with login information, but you should verify it is received.

Note: A Technology Coordinator may need to clear spam filters to allow email from *

Staff checks log-in

Ask staff or a technology coordinator to configure their browser and device to meet requirements.

Staff Browser and Other Settings

At least 1 week before every testing term:

Add teachers, students, and classes

Complete and import NWEA roster template (requires Data Administrator role in the MAP site).

Roster Upload Overview

Add Proctor role For new teachers who must administer tests, add the Proctor role through the roster process. Add Staff and Roles in Roster Import

Security policies for staff

For optimal protection of your data, set security policies. In particular, ask staff to memorize their passwords and never share their login credentials. If someone forgets their password, which each person creates during initial login, then that person can choose to reset it from the login page. (Or, if needed, you can assist by Resetting a User Password.)

Your policy could also recommend against browser features that automatically save passwords. Your Technical Coordinator can force this rule in staff browser settings.

Access and System Maintenance

The MAP Suite is unavailable several weekends per year for scheduled maintenance. NWEA communicates the maintenance schedule by e-mail to a contact person for your district. Also, warning messages appear 30 minutes before system shutdown.

Most of the scheduled maintenance involves minor changes. Major changes to the software or tests normally occur outside of the typical testing windows. See the list of upcoming maintenance dates.