Common Issues and Solutions

Before Testing

I can’t find my students on the Proctor Dashboard or Assignments tabs:

  • If you do not see any students at all, your district may not have rostered students yet. Please contact your district Data Administrator to check.

During Testing

A student cannot log in:

  • Ensure the student is logging in at (or using the MAP Reading Fluency Testing App) using the correct password. Students do not use the same website that teachers use. If you aren’t sure of the student’s password, you can assign a new password. See: Assigning Passwords.
  • Try clearing the Chrome browser cache on the student’s computer and then assigning a new password.

My students are failing the microphone check:

My student is locked out of the test:

I assigned Progress Monitoring to a student, but the student logged in and was given an Adaptive Oral Reading test:

  • By default, all students are assigned the benchmark Adaptive Oral Reading test at the beginning of every term. See Progress Monitoring for information on how to check and/or change this assignment.

Graphics and/or sound are not working as expected:

After Testing

Can I delete a test? Can I move a test from one student to another if the wrong student took the test?

Completed tests cannot be deleted or moved. Unfinished tests can be discarded—see Starting Over. If there are issues with an audio recording, that recording can be suppressed from reports—see Individual Student Report.

I can’t find my students on reports:

  • Click the drop-down list under Term and select a previous term. The Term menu defaults to Most Recent, and it is possible that your students have not tested in the current term.
  • Check the solutions under I can’t find my students on the Proctor Dashboard or Assignments tabs above.

My student received no score (NS) for a reading passage:

Either the student read less than 75% of the passage or there were difficulties assessing it. See Individual Student Report.