Setup for Automated Roster with Clever

The Automated Roster with Clever® is an alternative to the standard MAP roster. With the Automated Roster, your data will sync automatically between your student information system (SIS) and the MAP site so you do not have to prepare and import data.

The Automated Roster integrates with Clever and performs nightly updates to capture the changes you have made in the SIS to students, teachers, and classes.

Main setup tasks:

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Preparing for Automated Roster with Clever

NWEA will activate the Automated Roster for your district when you contact your account representative. However, make sure you can accept the stipulations described in this section.

Match on ID Rule

The main stipulation you’ll need to accept is a strict rule called Match on ID. Under this rule, every student and teacher must have a unique identifier (ID). If there are any duplicate records sharing the same ID, a conflict could result during the sync between the Clever and MAP repositories.

When conflicts occur, you will not have an opportunity to confirm which record is correct. In some cases, conflicts could overwrite existing student or teacher data. If this occurs, you may be unable to access historic test results for the student or teacher.

Note: In contrast, the standard MAP roster process can show you potential conflicts so you can choose the correct match or create a new profile. A related feature, Potential Duplicate report, is also limited to the standard MAP roster.

With Match on ID, you must verify that:

  • Students and teachers have unique IDs that remain with them indefinitely.
  • When a student or teacher leaves the district, their ID must not be reassigned to anyone else.
  • If a student or teacher subsequently returns to your district, you must assign them the same ID they had before they left.

Data cleanup

Your roster of students and teachers may contain duplicate profiles. Before NWEA can enable the Automated Roster, you’ll need to find and resolve any duplicates and other conflicts. This effort can involve considerable time, especially if you have existing MAP information.

For detailed instructions, see Clearing Duplicates from MAP Data.

Email Address as User Name

Teachers should use their email addresses as user names for MAP login. As part of the transition to the Automated Roster, NWEA will automatically convert existing MAP teacher user names to their teacher emails. If teacher user names are updated, their password for MAP Growth will not be changed.

You will need to inform existing teachers about this change. After Clever enables the Automated Roster, when teachers are added they will receive an automated email with their MAP login information.

Considerations for Ethnic Group Names

Some of your MAP Custom Names for Ethnic Groups may be overlooked by the Automated Roster in the following situations:

  • If your MAP preferences have multiple MAP Custom Name values mapped to the NWEA Standard Name values, then only one name will be used in the Automated Roster. For example:

    Clever Race Value NWEA Standard Name Values MAP Custom Name Values Rostered Value in MAP

    American Indian

    American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Alaska Native
    • American Indian

    (Both assigned to MAP Standard Name “American Indian or Alaska Native”)

    Student assigned “Alaska Native” because that name comes before “American Indian” alphabetically


  • If a student has the Hispanic ethnicity set to Yes (Y) in Clever, then the student receives the Hispanic or Latino NWEA Standard Name value, regardless of other values. For example:

    Clever Hispanic Ethnicity Clever Race Value NWEA Standard Name Values MAP Custom Name Values Rostered Value in MAP



    Hispanic or Latino


    Student assigned “Hispanic or Latino”





If your roasters are impacted by these considerations, a representative from NWEA will help you resolve any issues during your setup. If you have concerns about the Automated Roster, please contact NWEA Partner Support for assistance with data clean-up.

Example with student ethnicity = Hispanic


Clever Race Value Clever Ethnicity Value MAP Standard Name MAP Custom Name Student Ethnicity on Reports
Caucasian N White White White
Caucasian Y Hispanic or Latino White/Hispanic Hispanic
Hispanic Y Hispanic or Latino Hispanic Hispanic

Use Alternatives for Other Data

The Automated Roster will not transfer the following kinds of information, so you will need to use alternative solutions to roster this data.

Assignments to programs

If you need MAP reports that show aggregated results by programs, such as English Language Learner, then you can use the standard roster import. This process involves creating a full roster for the assigned students, together with a programs file. See Setting Up Student Programs in Reports

As an alternative to the roster import, you can assign students to programs using the bulk update feature, provided the students share something in common, such as grade or class. See Manage Students.

Additional staff and MAP roles

To add non-teaching staff in bulk, you can use the standard roster import and the template called Additional Users. Once you assign roles, those individuals keep the roles. See Add Staff and Roles in Roster Import.