About MAP Reading Fluency

MAP® Reading Fluency™ is a K—3 assessment that measures oral reading fluency, decoding accuracy, and literal comprehension.

Students can take the assessment in approximately 20 minutes, either individually or in groups, using a headset with a microphone.

Note: MAP Reading Fluency requires the Chrome™ browser for both student testing and reports.

For a printed version of this information, download Reading Fluency Quick Start.

The following video provides an introduction.

Accessing MAP Reading Fluency

Log in to MAP Reading Fluency through the same website you use for all MAP products (teach.mapnwea.org).

Your access depends on the MAP role assigned to you by your school or district leaders: 

  • Instructors can access all of the features of MAP Reading Fluency features, including reports, for their assigned students.

    For interventionists and reading coaches: A person with the Instructor role does not have to be a classroom teacher. For example, by assigning the Instructor role to an interventionist, along with a virtual “class” of students, that person can view test results for those assigned students.
  • Proctors can assign tests, edit test assignments, monitor test progress, and change usernames and passwords for all students in their assigned schools. They cannot see any reports.
  • School Assessment Coordinators and Administrators can view a report of tests in progress and completed by class. This report allows drilling down to individual student test results.

Once you have logged in, click Reading Fluency from the left menu. If you do not see this link, your school has not enrolled in MAP Reading Fluency. Contact your NWEA Account Manager for information on how to sign up for MAP Reading Fluency.

Technical Background

For background on the research behind MAP Reading Fluency, see: 

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