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About MAP Reading Fluency

Note: As part of the July 2019 release for MAP Reading Fluency, there are many new features, including Spanish tests, expanded grade ranges, and progress monitoring. For more information, see What's New in MAP Reading Fluency.

MAP® Reading Fluency™ is a pre-K–3 universal screener and progress monitoring assessment of early reading that can also be used with older students at risk of reading difficulty.

Students can take the assessment in approximately 20 minutes, either individually or in groups, using a headset with a boom microphone.

This guide explains how to set up and administer MAP Reading Fluency, what the available tests are, and what information is available on reports. If you're looking for a quick overview on setting up, see the Quick Start for MAP Reading Fluency.

The following video provides an introduction:

For a printed version of this information, download the Reading Fluency Guide.

For psychometric and test construction information, please download the MAP Reading Fluency Technical Report.

Here are quick links to information on the most important MAP Reading Fluency tasks:

For Teachers:

Students log in to testing at

For Proctors:

Students log in to testing at

For Administrators:

For Technical Coordinators:

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