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Quick References

If you prefer printed materials, use the links below. (Much of this information is contained in the online help too.)


For Proctors of MAP Growth tests:  

Proctor Tips and Troubleshooting (7 pages)

Translated Versions: Spanish and Arabic


Proctor Guide (29 pages)


Student Introduction to MAP Testing (1 page script)


Lab Readiness Checklist (1 page)


Test Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts (2 pages)

    Test Security Checklist (Word file, 2 pages)
For Teachers:
(Instructor role)

MAP Reports Summary (2 pages)


MAP Reports Reference (60 pages)


Primary Grades Test Selection (9 pages)


RIT to Concepts (Word Lists)

Grades 2+ (22 pages)

Grades K-2 (15 pages)



RIT Reference (Sample Questions)

Standard (42 pages)

Common Core (37 pages)



Student Data Exercise (2 pages)


See also: Parent Guidance

For MAP team leaders:  

Assessment Coordination Guide (16 pages)


MAP Setup Checklist (3 pages)


Norms Study (431 pages)


Operational Reports Summary (1 page)


Operational Reports Reference (8 pages)


Roles and Responsibilities (3 pages)


Role Permission spreadsheet (1 page)


Testing Schedule Sample (2 pages)

For student roster:
(Data Administrator role):
  Data Management Guide (16 pages)
Technology (computers and network):  

System and Bandwidth Requirements (5 pages)


System and Technology Guide (15 pages)

MAP Skills™   Teacher Tips Guide (30 pages)
    Handout for Parents and Students (1 page)
    Framework – Non-Common Core (65 pages)
    Framework – Common Core (79 pages)
MAP Reading Fluency™   Reading Fluency Quick Start (20 pages)



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